The Air Care Team 30 year project has been my favorite project to work on so far. The team is a great group of people. I am happy to also be part of this wonderful team. The project was to create t-shirts, challenge coins and other various public relations material for them. I was pretty much open to design as I wanted only having to follow strict color guides and logo placement. I designed most of the logos using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. For The t-shirts we went with screen printing to be done by Wrightway Innovations (http://www.wrightwayinnovations.com). They did a wonderful job printing my designs. I still can’t believe this project is over because it had been one that was so enjoyable. I have already been asked to work on other items for the them but nothing as big as this project.


About the Air Care Team:


The Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC)  Air Care Team began operations on October 13, 1984 and completed their first scene flight and patient flight on November 17, 1984, which involved two patients from Florida's Turnpike in Osceola County. Since then, the Air Care Team has flown more than 30,000 patients with more than 2 million accident-free rescue mission miles. This includes nearly 5,500 patients originating from Osceola County alone. The Air Care Team plays a significant role in ORMC's trauma and critical care services by responding quickly and providing definitive care within the "golden hour" - the first hour after a traumatic injury occurs. Seriously injured patients have a 15-20 percent higher chance of survival if they receive care at a trauma center within the golden hour. ORMC saw 4,200 trauma patients in 2005, making Central Florida's only Level One Trauma Center one of the most comprehensive trauma centers in the state.



ORMC's Air Care Team Response Continues after Transport


The Air Care Team treats each patient with efficiency and compassion. We know that no one plans for these traumatic events, so we want our patients to get back to the highest quality of life possible. We facilitate an organized, multidisciplinary response system that helps patients return to their prior level of function and interaction within society. This continuum of care includes injury prevention, EMS and medical oversight of pre-hospital care, appropriate triage and transport, resuscitation and emergency care, surgical intervention, intensive and general acute care, rehabilitative services, behavioral health, social services, community re-integration plans and medical care follow-up.


Air Care Facts


The Air Care Team was the first to have:

•  a twin engine helicopter in Florida (1984)

•  a program in the nation with hospital rooftop fueling (1984)

•  a program in the nation to navigate with GPS (1990)

•  an intra-aortic balloon pump transport (1992)

• The only hospital-based scene responder in Central Florida

• Flies an average of 90 missions a month

• Missions comprise 61 percent to scenes and 39 percent to interfacility transfers

• Specialized Neonatal Flight Team, under the direction of a board-certified neonatologist, fly premature and medically fragile newborns to our Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies

• The total patients transported as of 10/31/212 is 27,361 with a total of 1,724,317 miles flown.  We have flownn accident free for the past 25 years

• Flight nurses and flight paramedics have an average of 20 years of experience

• Our Communications Center, which is located at ORMC, enables simultaneous dispatch of a helicopter for critically ill patients.

• ORMC coordinates air medical operations and transfers from other facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

• On site refueling at ORMC reduces turnaround times

• Air Care 1 opened on 10/13/1984 and is located at the Kissimmee Airport

• Air Care 2 opened on 11/26/2006 and is located at South Lake Hospital

• Air Care 3 opened on 09/15/2008 and is located at South Seminole Hospital



Flight Logos are property of the “Air Care Team” and Orlando Health. All editing was done with permission. All rights and trademarks are that of the “Air Care Team” and Orlando Health. 30 Year designs done by Chris Grenwis at CGstop